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Superior thermo remedy tools, such as community warmth treatment oven, multi-use thermo treatment oven, and many others. we are assured to supply our clients adaptable and diversified providers. The team is centered on producing all selection of common roller chains and sprockets, gears & gearboxes, this kind of as conveyor chain & sprockets , stainless metal chain, agricultural chain and has not just offered its goods all over china, but also offered much more than sixty five% items to oversees, such as Europe, America, South-east Asia, and it also has established up storage logistics in places like Europe. Tractor rims W10x24 W12x24 W12x28 W15x28 W12x38 W16x38 W18x38

EPT amp Shipping
EPT Information
EPTen Pallet and Wrapped With EPTelt and Plastic Film or EPTulk
Delivery Time
With thirty DaEPTor prompt shipment for inventory

W12*24 Agricultural Steel Wheel Rim for Tire thirteen.six-24 fourteen.9-24

Wheel Size

Dia Wheel Siz Tire Size Dia Wheel Dimensions Tire Dimensions
12” 5J*12 7.00*12 6.00-twelve 26 quot W12*26 13.6-26 14.9-26
7.00*twelve 10./75-twelve ten./eight-twelve 23/8.50*twelve W13*26 14.nine-26
8.50*twelve 11./sixty five-12 23/9.fifty*twelve W15*26 sixteen.9-26
ten.50*twelve 26*twelve.-twelve W16*26 18.four-26
13” 4J*thirteen five.50-thirteen 165RS13 DW20*26 23.1-26 24L-26
four.5J*thirteen 5.fifty-13 DW25*26 thirty.5L-26 28L-26
14” four.5J*fourteen six.five-fourteen 26.five quot sixteen.00*26.five 500/60-26.five
6.00*14 9.5L*fourteen twenty.00*26.5 600/55-26.five
7.00*14 9.5L*fourteen 24.00*26.5 seven-hundred/50-26.five
fifteen quot 4J*15 five.00-fifteen 28.00*26.five 800/45-26.five
5J*fifteen six.5/eighty-15 28 quot W8*28 9.fifty-28
6LEPT*15 seven.5L-fifteen W10*28 11.two-28
7J*fifteen eight./seventy five-fifteen W11*28 12.four-28
8LEPT*15 27*ten.five-15 11L-fifteen W12*28 thirteen.6-28
9LEPT*fifteen 11L-15 W13*28 14.9-28
10LEPT*fifteen twelve.5L-15 29*twelve.5-5 31*15.five-fifteen W14L*28 16.9-28
13LEPT*fifteen 33*fifteen.five-15 31*15.5-15 DW15L*28 sixteen.9-28
fifteen.3 quot fifteen.three*9.00 10./75-fifteen.three eleven.five/eighty-15.three twelve.five/eighty-5.three W16*28 eighteen.4-28
fifteen.five quot fifteen.five*thirteen.00 four hundred/60-15.5 DW18*28 21L-28
16 quot four.5E*sixteen six.00-16,six.50-16 DW20*28 600/50-28
five.50E*sixteen seven.50-sixteen thirty quot W12*30 thirteen.six-thirty
six.50*16 eight.twenty five-sixteen W14L*30 sixteen.six-thirty
W7*16 210/85R16 DW14*30 16.nine-thirty
W8*sixteen 10./75-sixteen 19./65-sixteen ten.00-16 W15L*30 18.4-30
W9*16 285/70R16 11.00-16 DW16L*30 18.four-30*thirty
9.00*16 11L-sixteen DW20*thirty 23.1*30
eleven.00*sixteen 14./sixty five-16 thirty.five quot twenty.00*30.5 600/50-thirty.five 800/60-thirty.5 quot eleven.* 14L-16.1 24.00*thirty.5 650/80-thirty.5 700/50-30.five 750/60-30.5
fourteen.00* sixteen.five-16.1 28.00*30.five

800/forty five-30.5 800/fifty five-thirty.5


sixteen.00*sixteen.1 21.5-16.1 32 quot W7*32 8.thirty-32
16.five quot eight.twenty five*sixteen.5 ten-sixteen.5 W10*32 12.four-32
9.75*16.5 12-16.5 W12*32 13.six-32
twelve.00*16.5 33/15.5-16.five DW20*32 23.1-32
17 quot 17*13.00 15./fifty five-17 DW21*32 24.5R32 680/70R32 680/75R32
17*16.00 19./45-17 five hundred/50-17 DW27*32 thirty.5L-32 800/65R32
17.five quot 10.75*17.five fourteen-17.5 34 quot DW10*34 twelve.four-34
eleven.seventy five*17.5 fourteen-seventeen.five W14L*34 16.9-34
eighteen quot nine.00*eighteen 10.5/eighty-18 twelve.five/80-eighteen W15L*34 eighteen.four-34
W9*eighteen 10.five/80-eighteen 12.5/eighty-eighteen DW15*34 16.nine-34
11.00*eighteen thirteen.00/65-18 DW16*34 eighteen.four-34
thirteen.00*18 15./70-18 fifteen.five/sixty-18 405/70-18 DW20*34 23.1-34
19 quot 3.00*19 4.50*19 36 quot W8*36 9.50-36
19.5 quot 14*19.5 15.*19.5 W10*36 eleven.two-36
twenty quot five.fifty*twenty seven.50*twenty W11*36 14.9-36
W7*twenty 8.three-20 W12*36 14.9-36
W8*20 9.50-twenty 38 quot W10*38 11.5*38
twenty*8.00 nine.5-twenty ten.00-20 W11*38 13.six-38 14.nine-38
W9*twenty 11.two-twenty W12*38 13.6-38 fourteen.9-38
10.00*twenty twelve.00-twenty W15L*38 sixteen.9-38 540/sixty five*38
W11*twenty twelve.four*20 W16*38 eighteen.four-38
thirteen.00*twenty.00 405/70-twenty 425/65R20 425/75R20 DW16*38 eighteen.4-38
fourteen.00*twenty.00 38/eighteen-twenty DW20*38 650/65-38
twenty.five quot 14*twenty.five 465/65R20.5 DW23*38 710/70R38
21 quot eighteen.00*21 3pcs 24R21 W8*forty two 8.thirty-forty two
22.5 quot eleven.seventy five*22.five 15R22.five 365/70R22.five 385/65R2.5 forty two quot W10*42 eleven.2-forty two
thirteen.00*22.five 16.5R22.5 425/65-22.five 415/45R22.5 DW16*42 eighteen.4-forty two
14.00*22.5 18R22.five 465/65R22.5 DW18*forty two 20.eight-42
16.00*22.five five hundred/sixty-22.five 550/60-22.five 550/45-22.five W20*42 620/70*42
20.00*22.five 600/50-22.five 650/50-22.five 600/55-22.5 DW23*42 710/70*forty two
24.00*22.5 seven-hundred/fifty-22.five DW27*forty two 900/sixty*forty two
24 quot W7*24 8.3-24 44 quot W8*44 ten.00*forty four
W8*24 9.fifty-24 W10*44 twelve.4*44
W10*24 eleven.two-24 46 quot DW10*forty six 11.2-46
W12*24 13.six-24 14.nine-24 DW12*46 12.4-46
W14L*24 sixteen.nine-24 DW13*forty six 14.nine-46
DW15L*24 sixteen.9-24 DW16*46 18.four-46 520/85-forty six
DW16L*24 19.5L-24 18.four-24 forty eight quot W8*forty eight 9.fifty-48
DW18L*24 20.five-24 W10*48 eleven.2-forty eight
24.five 24.5*eight.twenty five 11R24.five W12*48 sixteen.three-48
24.five*11.75 385/55R24.5 fifty quot W10*fifty twelve.4-50
24.5*thirteen.00 16.5R24.5 425/65R24.5 W16*50 eighteen.4-50
25 36.00*25 sixty six/43-25 fifty two quot W10*52 12.four-fifty two

Technical specs

  • Kind: Wheel rim
  • Use: EPTers, Tractors, Foresters, Agricultural Mixers and Trailers and many others….
  • Place of Origin: EPT (Mainland)
  • EPTrand Title: MULTISTAR

rim colour: Silver or Yellow

EPT amp Shipping

EPT Particulars: In pallets
Shipping Depth: 30days

We pecialized in manufacturing and exporting all varieties of tyres and wheels to all above the globe. And we can supply wheel rims and tires,and are eEPTly professional in truck wheel,agricultural wheel and assemblies and components for OTR wheel and engineering wheel with multi-parts for earthmover.
We are EPTized in the assembled wheels (tyres and rims) for farming and forestry EPTs and trailers. We have been giving OEM items to Sweden, Norway,EPT Zealand,Australia and Canada for many a long time.

Our certifications- all our tyres pass good quality test of QTC, Up to DOT CCC ISO stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd

Our exhibition

Our warehouse

About us ?

Our company J ampG is EPTized in producing and exporting tyres/wheels for Agricultural EPTlement and trailers, baler and feed mixer, flotation trailer and tanker, blend harvesters, sugXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. cane, EPTist irrigation EPTry, forestry EPT etc.
1.Markets and OE experience: Our prducts export a lot more than 70 nations and 60% is for OE marketplace. Such as in Canada, EPT Zealand, South Africa, European etc. Our OE buyers from globally.

2. Storage: We have large warehouse in EPTngdao Port, it will be easy to provide assembly tyre and wheel and make prompt shipment.

three. EPT: We are the seller of Trelleborg and buyer model in EPT. We comply with their technica to boost our high quality of tyres. Our good quality is confirmed to be very good!

More than the a long time J ampG has served in escalating the foundation of loyal clients and successful above new clients. With time, the Multistar brand has drawn faithful and passionate consumers in 77 international locations

Why choose us ?

one,one thousand units of tyres and 3000 models of rims on every day stock
two,600 models of wheel rim drawings accessible for authentic Off-the-road equipments
three,Full and stub Axles for farming trailers offered
4,Specal styles for customers’ EPT needs
five,24×7 aftersale solutions
six,15 many years outstXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. knowledge and total product assortment, servicing OE producing clients
7,Modest quantity for diverse size mix into a single container

Welcome for any inquiry
Have a great day

  in Tasikmalaya Indonesia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Agricultural Tractor Wheels Tractor Rims W10X24 W12X24 W12X28 W15X28 W12X38 W16X38 W18X38 manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Tasikmalaya Indonesia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Agricultural Tractor Wheels Tractor Rims W10X24 W12X24 W12X28 W15X28 W12X38 W16X38 W18X38 manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler