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EPG is a professional producer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and generation. Good quality and credit are the bases that make a company alive. The new goods consist of a sequence of large-tech and high good quality chains and sprockets and gears, such as chains and gearboxes for agricultural machineries, metallurgical chains, escalator phase-chains, high-speed tooth chains, timing chains, self-lubrication chains, between which have type high speed tooth chain for automobile department dynamic box and aerial chains fill in the blanks of chain in China. 1.Eurostars air managing device and air handler characteristics
1) Special no-chilly-bridge design and style, increase the insulation and air tightness, total air leak charge le2.five%
2) With dynamic well balanced double inlet Centrifugal fan, with very good air dynamic functions, and accurate doing work, large performance, lower vibration, reduced noise and so on.
3) High effective warmth exchanger coil, make certain to supply the adequate cooling capability to the device. And also higher efficient breakwater panel is supplied if needed, drinking water stream in coil le3 times10-4kg/kg
4) EPT framework, great searching and permanent coloration.
5) Affordable within construction, with the suited place for servicing and cleaning.
6) Casing sheet: Offer double-pores and skin building developing Sandwich variety comprising .5mm thick galvanized interior and external skins and with 30mm thick polystyrene insulation of bare minimum 45kg/m3 density. Good airproof material is use among the casing and the frame to lessen the charge of the air leak.
seven) EPT blended air managing units are modular developed ,each modular can be used independently and can also function with each other and firm with enthusiast coil models to add refresh air. Not only decrease procedure fees and power preserving, but also optimize air quality and produce a cognitive indoor place to satisfy the XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.n health demands

two.Eurostars Air handler,air managing unit, ahu software
EPT definition of air dealing with unit consisting of a admirer or followers and other required tools to execute one particular or a lot more of the functions of circulating, cleansing, heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying and miXiHu (West Lake) of air…. quot
EPT AHU is employed to control the pursuing parameters of the room.
—Air Movement
—Air Cleanliness

three.Air handler specialized data, Assembly drawing diagram and photo

4R 4MU4 6MU4 9MU4 12MU4 15MU4 18MU4 22MU4 25MU4 30MU4 35MU4 40MU4 45MU4 50MU4
6R 4MU6 6MU6 9MU6 12MU6 15MU6 18MU6 22MU6 25MU6 30MU6 35MU6 40MU6 45MU6 50MU6
Air Circulation *1000CMH 4 6 nine twelve fifteen eighteen 22 twenty five 30 35 forty 45 50
Coil Area
EPTble Capa.
26 forty fifty eight 76 102 121 131 174 201 235 274 308 348
EPTble Capa.
32 49 77 ninety four 122 146 185 218 258 302 349 383 433
Heating Part E-Heating Capa.
12 eighteen thirty 36 45 54 60 72 seventy two ninety ninety 108 108
Humidifying Part Humidifying
5 ten thirteen fifteen fifteen 25 thirty 45 45 60 sixty 60 seventy five
ESP(Pa) 600 600 600 600 600 600 800 800 800 800 800 800 800
EPT EPT(KW) two.2 four five.5 seven.5 eleven eleven 15 15 eighteen.five eighteen.5 22 30 thirty
MiXiHu (West Lake) Segment radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic
Pre-filter Part radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic
Cooling Coil Area radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic
Eliminator Section radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic
Elec-heating Segment radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic
Humidifying Part radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic
Supporter-motor Section radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic
Diffusing Segment radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic
Medium-filter Segment radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic
EPT Air Section radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic radic

4.Eurostars air dealing with unit , air handler range or collection
-Horizontal ceiling ducted air handling device
-Horizontal concealed air handling device
-Vertical hid air handling device
-Vertical uncovered air managing unit
-Modular Modulus Air Dealing with Unit-multi-perform air managing device

five.Components-air handling unit or air handler

Casing Panel and Insulation
#8226 Double pores and skin construction is provided by sandwich kind panels comprising inner and outer painted metal skins and polyurethane foam with bare minimum 48kg/m3 density, supplying a great thermal and acoustical efficiency
#8226 EPT gasket liner among the panels and frame assures the air leakage charge to comply with GEPT/T 14294 clear air conditioning requirement
#8226 EPT factory painted metal sheet lined with six insulation coatings, complies to 500h salt spray screening, demonstrating an excellent corrosion security performance

#8226Penta-publish extra weighty gauge aluminum profiles and robust fiber-reinforced PE corner connection forming the structural frame
#8226 outstanding mechanical toughness and rigidity to the device frame and to avert any buckling or deformation
#8226 EPTrmal bridge free of charge style, the profiles loaded with polyurethane foam for insulation
#8226 Anodizing surface area treatment method for profiles, corrosion-resistant
#8226 Stainless metal frame available

SigEPT Glass Services Doorway
#8226 Double skin composition, internal panel is created of stainless steel, and outer panel is manufactured of painted steel sheet
#8226 Good and damaging entry door, makes certain the airtigEPT of unit
#8226 Hassle-free to check the working status of the device
#8226 Double sealing, no air leakage
#8226 EPTuilt-in multi-point fastening locks make the panel evenly pressured, protecting against air leakage and reduction of power performance of the unit

Scorching-Dip Galvanized EPTase channel
Provide Rigid EPTase Channel protect unit and preserve installation value

Fan and motor
#8226NICOTRA centrifugal Admirer or other brand name admirer
#8226Double inlet
#8226Electric motor pushed
#8226EPTack curved or entrance curved
#8226low sounds, substantial performance, secure operation, minimal vibration, excellent energy, lower bearing temperature increase, and broad functioning temperature and humidity range.
#8226Customized configuration of the motor chosen large-top quality brand-title motor, clean procedure, low noise, EPT services existence, and can be equipped with a specified manufacturer of motor or motor insulation, protection stage men and women according to consumer demands, to meet up with the needs of diverse instances.
#8226EC Admirer is optional
#8226 plug enthusiast is optional

Vibration Eliminator
#8226 To decrease the EPT of vibration and noise, admirer and motor are put in on an unbiased full foundation frame
#8226 EPT full foundation body is isolated by deflection kind EPT isolators
#8226 This EPT construction not only reduce the vibration and sound, but also shield fan and motor during transportation

High Performance Cooling and Heating Coil
#8226 All coils calculation and selection is done by choice software to match the necessary problems
#8226 Large coil confront location assures maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum heat transfer fee
#8226 All coils examined at 30bar force underwater 24 several hours
#8226 Numerous corrosion resistance coils for option:
-Cooper tube with cooper fins coil
-Epoxy coated fins coil
-Electrophoresis fins coil
-Heresite coated coil

PTC Electric powered Heating
#8226EPT temperature heating
#8226Virtually endless daily life
#8226Low electricity usage and really minimal in expense
#8226No electrical noise
#8226EPT larger the temperature, the much more electrical energy efficient
#8226Avoid burning when in make contact with with combustible components

Electrostatic Precipitator(optional)
#8226 Adsorb and remove particles significantly less than .01 micron in the air
#8226 EPTrove indoor air quality
#8226 ESP applies vitality only to the particulate matter becoming gathered and as a result is quite successful in its use of power

Humidifier alternative
EPT humidifier typically be utilised have: electrode humidifier, dry steam humidifier, large stress spray humidifier and wet movie humidifier etc
a)Electrode humidifier
Isothermality humidification type, use AC electricity can direct heating drinking water provide to make thoroughly clean vapour and mix vapour with the air, add-soaked into the air. the benefit is humidifying rapidly, humidifying quantity can adjustable, humidifying vapour is clear, no incrustation scale,no dust, sterile and odourless, handy to routine maintenance.

#8226CylinEPTmonitor technique guarantees much more efficiency, greater power conserving and steady outcome
#8226Drainage pump guarantees the humidifying procedure correct and secure
#8226Clog defense program makes certain to steer clear of drinking water overflow
#8226Water temperature manage method tends to make confident the drainage pipe will not likely be destroyed by very hot h2o
#8226Anti-electrical leakage program helps make procedure and servicing secure and safe

b) Dry vapour humidifier
Isothermality humidification type, substantial humidification performance, corrosion resistance, in area have vapour supply,dry vapour humidification will have a greater humidification manage precision

c) Higher stress spray humidifier
Isenthalpic humidification method,use stainless h2o distributor and sprayer,higher force spray,high vitality performance,safe and reliable.high force spray humidifier humidification efficiency forty%~fifty%.

d) Soaked film humidifier
Wet film humidifier have advantage of large saturation performance,conserve water,save power and so forth

Electrode Humidifier


Air filter incEPT main air filter, medium efficiency air filter, large impact and sub-high performance particulate air filter.
a) Principal filter have board sort and pocket variety, board variety air filter use fiber components, pocket variety major air filter use Non-woven or EPT chemical fiber, have the gain of washable, reduced resistance, stable efficiency and so forth, filter quality G1~G4.
b) Medium efficiency air filter have board variety and pocket variety, use ultra-slim chemical fiber or fiber glass, have the gain of EPT services-existence, stable performance, filter grade F5~F8
c) High performance and Sub-high efficiency particulate air filter use ultra-slender chemical fiber or fiber glass, have dense folded sort and pocket kind for choose, filter grade can reach up to H13.

Differential stress meter EPTrand title:Specific
Differential stress meter( with sign transfer) can be configured acccording to person requirements.

Air damper
#8226Variable discharge air volume
#8226Discharge damper with aXiHu (West Lake) supporter, independent management
#8226High efficiency
#8226Manual damper obtainable

Warmth Wheel Warmth Exchanger(optional)
#8226 Highly efficient strength-preserving rotary warmth exchanger
#8226 Vitality restoration costs among 70-ninety%
#8226 Summertime software is dehumidification of heat and humid source air to decrease the strength consumption of the down stream cooling products.
#8226 Wintertime operation recovers dampness from the exhaust air to reduce the humidification load.

Stainless Steel Drain Pan
#8226 SXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. sort design, no drain water carryover and keep the pan dry
#8226 Steer clear of the micro-organisms progress within the drain pan
Antimicrobial Drain Pan is offered as option
#8226 SteriTouch EPT Drip Pan Coating
#8226 Antimicrobial floor
#8226 Excellent exterior toughness and corrosion resistance
#8226 Superb adhesion
#8226 Non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c, comply with EPTS476 portion seven

Power EPT Refrigerating Method
#8226 DANFOSS scroll hermetic compressor
#8226 Advanced design and style, minimal running sounds, strength saving, basic safety and EPT support daily life
#8226 Multi-circuits style, operating reliably and strength-preserving
#8226 COPELAND, DAIKIN compressor obtainable

Electrical handle cabinet(optioanl)
#8226According to the needs and capabilities of the device to design the manage console or cupboard
#8226Auto manage each and every EPT of the device to make certain the temperature, humidity and cleaness
#8226High quality and global brand electrical components
#8226DDC and PLC obtainable

6.Why choose us?
EUROSTARS Advantages:
one) EPT Proof of EPT: Now we have clients in various countries and places, this sort of as MeXiHu (West Lake), Australia, EPT Zealand, Singapore, Argentina, Middle- EPT, Africa #8230
2) EPT Assure of EPT: Affordable style, Skilled professionals, Steady generation employees, Entire-scale
EPTs, Strict QA amp QC system #8230
3) Personalized-made Style: We supply our design drawing according to buyer functional scenario
four) Technique Support:
Walk in chilly space: we source our diagrammatic drawing, really feel less complicated for installation.
Chilly storage warehouse: We have specialist engineers who can go aboard to offer EPT assist and course, right up until switch important for our clients.
five)Intercontinental EPT Operation: We have concentrated on global trade of cold storage area line for several years, gathered a variety of encounter from distinct clients of diverse countries. So we can update our procedure in time in accordance to our consumers and new principles. It is valuable to clear custom made and help save value and time for our customers.

1:Are you a manufacturing facility?
— Sure, we are a expert company for far more than 13 a long time

2:How do you check the items?
— We inspect all the supplies when they arrive, and have spot inspection throughout production procedure. All goods will be examined and double inspected ahead of supply, offering 100% assure for clients.
3:How to decide on the suitable models?

—EPT parameters over is just for your reference. We need to have you to give us the air circulation, ESP or TSP, cooling ability, heating potential or software for our staff to design the suitable device for you.

4:How and when can I get the quotation?
— Send out us the inquiry or leave us information. We will get back again to you inside one hour for the duration of the functioning time. All messages will be replied anytime they arrives.

five:What is your payment conditions?
— Normally we take T/T or LC. 30% deposit. Other payment conditions can be mentioned when orders verified.

6:The place is your manufacturing facility Located? How can I visit there?
— We found in HangEPT, ZheJiang Province, which is around HangEPT Worldwide Airport. We can choose you up from the airport . You are warmly welcome to pay a visit to us

7:Do you provide OEM support?
— Yes! We offer OEM and ODM service.

eight:What is actually the direct time for your products?
— Typically 25~30 workdays. For urgent orders, we can make EPT arrangement to satisfy your ask for.

8.Customer pay a visit to us

nine.Air dealing with device,air handler delivery or container loading

ten.Set up instruction or set up image, project photographs
—one. During installation, sufficient area must be reserved about the unit, eEPTly apart the entry doorway and drinking water pipe, for the mend EPT passing.
—2. EPT unit should be mounted on flat foundation (concrete or welded C-channel). Drainages are obtainable close to the base.
—3. EPTr drain ought to be set in the EPT space for the discharge of condensing h2o and washing h2o.
—four.Shell out consideration to condensing h2o discharging to make sure the condensing drinking water discharge easily.
—5. EPT device need to be installed on a horizontal system or hanger. After the unit is put in, join the kinds of pipes and ducts:
A. EPT chilled drinking water pipe relationship with cooling coil
EPT. EPT condensing water drain pipe connection
C. Humidifier pipes link
D. EPT connection for the fresh/return air inlet with its air ducts
E. EPT wiring connection for the control box.
When connecting the air duct, one hundred-150mm fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble link (airtigEPT canvas or synthetic leather fabric) must be established amongst flange and air inlet/outlet, to stay away from the air leakage induced by the device vibration.

EPT management box generally is installed on the unit cupboard or in the EPT area. Remember to make the wiring according to the related electrical regulation by your place.

—6.Soon after all h2o pipe, wirings and air duct are appropriately connected, the air handling device can be commenced.
[ !]EPT very first time starting ought to be instructed by an knowledgeable man or woman at internet site, non-skilled person can’t function the equipment with no allow. EPT defect triggered by misuse shall not be our obligation
[ !] EPTefore first time starting, please get rid of the short-term fiXiHu (West Lake) plate from the fan and motor
[ !] EPT EPT and voltage source must be compatible with the device. After connecting the EPT to the motor, start motor initial, then verify the managing route of the enthusiast. If it is operating in opposite path, make sure you cease and change the period sequence, then hook up the EPT to motor last but not least. If there is defense gadget on the offer fan motor, the motor raring should be related to ground. EPT motor in this unit use quotreduced voltage beginning quot.
—7. Adjustment of the driving belt
—eight. EPTefore shifting the unit, remember to fasten the damping system. Putting down should be slowly to make sure that the damping system is compelled evenly to safeguard the damping unit. EPT relationship between damping device and the device need to not be by welding

  in Sao Paulo Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Dx Type Water Chilled Type Heat Recovoery Modular Air Handling Unit manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Sao Paulo Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Dx Type Water Chilled Type Heat Recovoery Modular Air Handling Unit manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler