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EPG will constantly adhere to it organization spirit of getting sensible, revolutionary, efficient and superb to make the best intercontinental transmission push. EPG is a professional maker and exporter that is anxious with the layout, improvement and generation. We have exported our merchandise to Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Italy, Norway, the United states, Canada, and so forth. Synthetic Diamond Micron Powder for Chopping Grinding Lapping PoEPTng Coating

Product Characteristics: With large good quality one crystal diamonds from ZhongNan Firm as the uncooked components, artificial diamond grits and powders are made following EPT crushing, shaping, classification EPT, and EPT purification and precision processing processes, which have the traits of typical crystal shapes, concentrated particle dimensions distribution, low imEPT material, larger power, impact resistance and fantastic use resistance.

Merchandise Programs: Crushed artificial diamond grit and synthetic diamond micron powder
are mostly applicable to traditional slicing, grinding, lapping, poEPTng fields, and also suitable for higher-conclude abrasives merchandise, electroplated goods, diamond compact, diamond wire observed in photovoltaic business, and diamond jewels, gems and poEPTng goods in the electronics industry.

Merchandise Classification
Diamond Kind Product Designation Merchandise Category
Crushed Artificial Diamond Grits CDG-E Crushed Artificial Diamond Grits – EPTnomical Variety
CDG-HS Crushed Artificial Diamond Grits – Substantial Power Sort
Artificial Diamond Micron Powder DMP-E Synthetic Diamond Micron PowEPT- EPTnomical Type
DMP-HS Artificial Diamond Micron PowEPT- Substantial Energy Sort
DMP-WSD Artificial diamond micron powEPTfor diamond wire noticed ampelectroplated items
DMP-PCD/PDC Artificial diamond micron powEPTfor PCD/PDC
DMP-C Synthetic diamond micron powEPTfor abrasive compound
Coated Artificial Diamond Abrasive CDP-Ni Nickel-coated artificial diamond abrasive
CDP-Ti EPTium-coated synthetic diamond abrasive
CDP-CU Copper-coated artificial diamond abrasive

Optional Particle Dimensions
Item Group Particle Measurement (Mesh)
CDG-E 35/forty, 40/forty five, 45/50, 50/sixty, sixty/70, 70/eighty, eighty/one hundred, 100/one hundred twenty, one hundred twenty/one hundred forty, one hundred forty/170, a hundred and seventy/two hundred, 200/230, 230/270, 270/325, 325/four hundred, four hundred/500, 500/600, and so forth.
CDG-HS 35/forty, forty/45, 45/fifty, 50/sixty, 60/70, 70/80, eighty/a hundred, a hundred/one hundred twenty, a hundred and twenty/140, a hundred and forty/one hundred seventy, 170/200, two hundred/230, 230/270, 270/325, 325/four hundred, four hundred/500, five hundred/600, and so forth.
Solution Category Particle Dimensions (Micron)
DMP-E -.5, -1, .five-one, .5-1.five, -two, one-two, .five-three, 1-three, one.5-3, 2-3, 2-four, 2-five, three-6, 3-7, 4-8, 4-nine, five-ten, 5-12, six-twelve, seven-fourteen, 8-16, 8-20, ten-twenty, 12-22, twelve-25, fifteen-twenty five, 20-30, 22-36, 30-forty, thirty-50, 36-fifty four, forty-60, fifty-70, 54-80, etc.
DMP-HS -.5, -one, .5-1, .five-one.five, -two, 1-two, .five-3, 1-three, one.five-3, 2-three, 2-four, 2-5, three-6, three-seven, 4-8, four-9, 5-ten, 5-12, six-12, 7-14, 8-sixteen, eight-20, 10-20, twelve-22, twelve-25, fifteen-twenty five, twenty-30, 22-36, thirty-40, 30-50, 36-fifty four, 40-sixty, fifty-70, 54-eighty, and so forth.
DMP-WSD 5-10, 7-8, five-twelve, 6-twelve, 8-9, 7-fourteen, 8-twelve, 20-thirty, 22-36, thirty-forty, 35-forty five, 40-50, forty five-fifty five, etc.
DMP-PCD/PDC 2-four, 3-six, 8-twelve, eight-16, ten-twenty, 20-30, thirty-forty, 36-fifty four, and so forth.
DMP-C -.five, -1, .five-one, .five-one.5, -2, one-2, .five-3, one-three, one.5-three, two-three, two-four, two-5, 3-five, three-6, four-6, 3-7, 4-eight, 4-9, 5-10, 5-twelve, 6-twelve, 7-fourteen, 8-16, 8-twenty, 10-twenty, 12-22, twelve-25, 15-twenty five, 20-30, 22-36, thirty-40, thirty-50, 36-fifty four, forty-sixty, fifty-70, 54-eighty, and so forth.
Item Category Particle Dimension
CDP-Ni 50/60mesh – 325/400mesh, 5 mum-60 mum, and many others.
CDP-Ti fifty/60mesh – 325/400mesh, five mum-60 mum, and many others.
CDP-Cu 50/60mesh – 325/400mesh, five mum-60 mum, etc.
EPT Specification can be tailored according to customer’s specifications.

High high quality one crystal diamonds from ZhongNan Firm as the uncooked resources

DMP-HS eight-sixteen micron:

DMP-WSD 8-12 micron:

DMP-WSD screening analysis:

Grit dimension comparison desk:

ISO ampJIS EPT 4130:1998 FEPA
(D-Diamond -CEPTN)
(D- Diamond -CEPTN)
#915 OCT9206-eighty
Grit Mesh
Grit Mesh
Grit Measurement
Grit Dimensions
40/45 425/355 426 425/355 D/EPT426 425/355 forty/forty five 425/300 D/EPT426 425/355 400/315 400/315
forty five/50 355/300 356 355/three hundred D/EPT356 355/three hundred D/EPT356 355/300
50/sixty 300/250 301 50/60 300/250 D/EPT301 300/250 fifty/60 three hundred/250 D/EPT301 300/250 315/two hundred 315/200
60/70 250/212 251 250/212 D/EPT251 250/212 sixty/80 250/180 D/EPT251 250/212 250/two hundred 250/two hundred
70/eighty 212/one hundred eighty 213 212/a hundred and eighty D/EPT213 212/a hundred and eighty D/EPT213 212/180 200/one hundred sixty 200/160
eighty/a hundred a hundred and eighty/150 181 eighty/one hundred one hundred eighty/one hundred fifty D/EPT181 one hundred eighty/one hundred fifty 80/a hundred 180/a hundred and fifty D/EPT181 one hundred eighty/150
a hundred/one hundred twenty one hundred fifty/125 151 100/a hundred and twenty a hundred and fifty/one hundred twenty five D/EPT151 150/one hundred twenty five one hundred/120 one hundred fifty/a hundred twenty five D/EPT151 a hundred and fifty/125 one hundred sixty/125 one hundred sixty/a hundred twenty five
a hundred and twenty/one hundred forty 125/106 126 a hundred and twenty/a hundred and forty a hundred twenty five/106 D/EPT126 a hundred twenty five/106 120/a hundred and forty a hundred twenty five/106 D/EPT126 125/106 one hundred twenty five/100 125/100
140/170 106/ninety 107 a hundred and forty/one hundred seventy 106/90 D/EPT107 106/90 one hundred forty/a hundred and seventy 106/ninety D/EPT107 106/90 100/eighty 100/80
170/two hundred ninety/seventy five 91 170/200 90/seventy five D/EPT91 ninety/seventy five a hundred and seventy/200 ninety/seventy five D/EPT91 90/seventy five
two hundred/230 seventy five/sixty three seventy six 200/230 seventy five/63 D/EPT76 seventy five/sixty three 200/230 seventy five/63 D/EPT76 75/63 80/63 80/63
230/270 sixty three/fifty three 64 230/270 63/53 D/EPT64 sixty three/fifty three 230/270 sixty three/fifty three D/EPT64 63/fifty three sixty three/fifty 63/fifty
270/325 fifty three/45 fifty four 270/325 fifty three/forty five D/EPT54 fifty three/45 270/325 fifty three/45 D/EPT54 fifty three/forty five fifty/40 50/40
325/four hundred 45/38 46 325/400 45/38 D/EPT46 forty five/38 325/400 forty five/38 D/EPT46 forty five/38

MicropowEPTMesh Size and Comparison table:

EPT GEPT6966.two-86 JIS6002-63 FEPA EPT
DIN 848-sixty five EPT.S.1987 #915 OCT9206-80 G.E.CO. De EPTeers Co.
Grit (Size Variety) Grit Dimension Range Grit Measurement Selection Grit Measurement Variety Grit Size Selection Grit (Measurement Range) Grit (Measurement Selection) Grit (Dimensions Selection) Grit (Size Range)
36-54 400 37/forty three M63 42-eighty four sixty fifty four-eighty D45 forty/fifty forty-sixty 60/forty 36-54 30-60
22-36 five hundred 34/28 M40 27-53 forty five 36-fifty four D35 32/forty 27-40 40/28 22-36 20-40
twenty-thirty 600 28/24 M25 16-34 thirty 22-36 D25 twenty five/32 18-27 28/20 twenty-thirty 15-thirty
twelve-22 seven hundred 24/twenty M16 ten-22 15 12-22 D20 25/forty 12-18 20/fourteen twelve-22
10-20 800 20/sixteen D20A 25/30 10-20 ten-twenty
1000 sixteen/thirteen D20EPT thirty/forty fourteen/ten ten-fifteen eight-sixteen
8-12 1200 thirteen/10 nine 8-12 D15 fifteen/twenty five eight-twelve 10/seven six-12 six-12
six-12 1500 ten/eight M10 six-14 D15A 10/fifteen five-ten
5-10 2000 8/6 M6.3 four-9 six four-nine D15EPT 15/twenty 4-eight 4-8
four-eight 2500 six/five D15C 20/twenty five four-8 7/5 3-six 3-six
three-six 3000 5/4 D7 five/10
two.5-5 4000 four/three M4. two.five-five.five 3 2.five-five.5 D3 two/5 five/three
2-four 5000 three/two M2.five 1.5-3.5 2-four three/two 2-4 two-4
1.5-three M1.6 1.-2.five one one.5-three.5 one-3 1.five-3
-two 1/2 1.-2.five two/1 -two -two
.5-1.five 8000 two/1 M1. .5-one.five D1 one/2 one-two one-2 .seventy five-1.five
.five-one. D0.7 .5/1 .5-one
-1. 15000 one/ -1 1/ -one -1
-.5 D0.twenty five le0.five -.5 .05

Company Profile:

Kumthai Abrasives Co., Ltd., one particular of the best diamond abrasives suppliers in EPT, positioned in HangEPT, an EPTant deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) city aEPT the quotEPTelt and Road quot and also a central town of EPT abrasives goods and superhard materials business, have EPTted them selves to the export enterprise of EPT diamond abrasives for several many years. As an audited supplier in Made-in-EPT, Kumthai Abrasives has a complete and EPT creation and high quality administration system, and greater buyer solutions. OEM, ODM and possess EPTrand(KUMTHAI) can be supplied in accordance to customer’s demands.

Our Positive aspects:

1.With numerous several years of export activities and very good dependability, we offer consumers with steady solution top quality and specialist complex tips.
two.OEM, ODM services and our possess brand name (KUMTHAI) are supplied according to customers’ specifications.
3. High quality single crystal diamonds from ZhongNan Business as the uncooked components make sure the very best high quality of our goods.
4. Management Technique Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 14000
five. EPT with different grades and dimensions can meet up with diverse market users’ need for different merchandise good quality and prices.
6. We promise that our products are great good quality with competitive charges, and shipping and delivery in time.
seven. EPT investigation and deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment power: EPT firm’s workers have the relevant self-discipline background of abrasive grains and superhard materials, and know more about abrasives and grinding. EPTy would like to offer far better companies for customers to meet up with their various requirements. What’s much more, EPT invitations senior investigation professionals from HangEPT EPT Institute for Abrasives amp Grinding Co., Ltd. and ZheJiang University of EPT as solution consultants, which can aid to accomplish in-depth merchandise technological cooperation with buyers and much better matching demands, merged with EPT’s EPT rewards.

Our Providers:

one. Your inquiries will be replied in 24 working hrs
2. Free samples presented in specific quantity and delivered within 10 times
3. EPT listing, bill and C.O. or other data you need to have can be offered at the best velocity
4. Any inquiries about merchandise and EPT will be answered sincerely and skillfully.
five. Related goods sourcing services.

Regularly Questioned Inquiries:

Q1: Can you provide cost-free samples for artificial diamond powder?
A: Indeed, free samples can be supplied in particular amount, but large samples and EPT merchandise with charge.

Q2: Can I have a sample orEPTfor your goods?
A: Sure, we welcome sample orders to test and verify the good quality.

Q3: What is your shipping and delivery time?
A: Sample buy: In 7 functioning times
Mass buy: In 25 daEPTafter thirty% deposit EPTd for typical products. Negotiation for EPT products.

Q4: What is your payment conditions?
A: T/T, D/P, L/C and so on.

Q5: Do you supply customized products according to customer’s specifications?
A: Sure, OEM, ODM services and our own manufacturer (KUMTHAI) are offered in accordance to customers’ requirements.

Q6: Are all your items on the web site?
A: Not all the items on the site. For some connected items or the measurements that are not incEPTd on the website, remember to make an inquiry individually.

How to Purchase the EPT You Want?

1. You should explain to us the specifications and employs of the items you require, and we will recommend the most suitable kinds for you.
2. If you are content with our answer, we would like to offer samples for testing at your request at any time.
3. If you are satisfied with the samples, make sure you place orders with us.
four. In seven daEPTafter the affirmation, we will send out your merchandise by air or categorical supply, and perhaps the time is shorter.
5. For your EPT specifications, we will provide you with EPT services resolution.


  in Chiang Mai Thailand  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Industrial Synthetic Diamond Powder with Regular Crystal Shapes Great Wear Resistance manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Chiang Mai Thailand  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Industrial Synthetic Diamond Powder with Regular Crystal Shapes Great Wear Resistance manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler